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Facials in the spa industry are a refuge for those needing customized skin care with a soothing touch...... a RETREAT!


In an ever-changing beauty industry, Amanda Faith Salon & Aesthetics has integrated the latest cutting-edge technology into our facial room.

Our goal is marry spa relaxation with technology, expediting immediate results without losing the healing benefits of touch in a relaxing atmosphere that speaks to all your senses.

Not sure what facial is best for you? In your complementary consultation we will discuss your needs, concerns, budget and time constraints, to facilitate the ultimate in an experience with the result you need and desire.

Spa Facials

Spa Facial: 60 minutes of bliss!

Begin with cleansing massage of upper shoulders, arms, neck and face. Papaya enzyme peel. Customized with a results specific mask. Topped off with ultrasonic serum penetration. Includes your skin type add-on from below.

Dry Skin

European essential oil massage and luxurious, satin-rich moisture mask covered with warm paraffin.

Normal to Oily Skin

Balancing the oil to water ratio with proper cleansing and clay to mineral mask. Concluding with cool pressure point facial globe massage.

Acne  Prone Skin

After determining the level of acne, a target specific plan will be determined. ( Blue Light Therapy add-on recommended)


Includes lactic acid peel to tighten and further exfoliate. Ends  with collagen mask. ( Rezenerate Pen add-on recommended)

Spa Facial Add-On Enhancements​

Any of the following enhancements can be added on to the above spa facial .

**Enhancements are priced separately**

Red Light Therapy     

Plump and encourage collagen growth while also reducing fine lines and pigmentation.

Add 15-30 minutes                                                                        

Blue Light Therapy

Clears bacteria and soothes red, irritated skin.

Add 15-30 minutes                                                                         

Acid Peel

Specific to skin type. Provides superior exfoliation, immediate tightening and toning effect with glassy appearance with no down time. 

Add 15 minutes                                                                                   

Rezenerate Nano Pen

Superior penetration rate of exclusive products and serums.

Treatment encourages skin to rebuild underlying layers.

Add 30 minutes                                                                               

The Curve​

This technology targets the neck and jowl with Radio Frequency, Ultrasound and LED Light Therapy. 

Add 15 minutes                                                                              

Pucker Up Lip Treatment

This is a Micro-Current Treatment for the lip area to define, plump and lift . City Lips Plumper and Dermagen Gel Patch Recommended as take home maintenance.

Add 15 minutes                                                                              

The Eyes Have It Eye Lift

Concentrated Micro-Current Treatment to the eyes, brow and forehead. 

Add 15 minutes                                                                              

Technology Facials

**These facials can be stand alone or purchased in a series**

Includes:cleansing enzyme peel, skin prep and specialized serum.

LED Light Therapy     

Created by NASA for wound healing ! Great for age management. Reduce pore size, rosacea and pigmentation. Tighten and smooth fine lines. Encourage collagen and elastin growth. 

( Series of 6 recommended at 2 week intervals ) * Maintenance every 1-3 months.

30-45 minutes    

One session         or  

Series of six 

Micro-Current Ultimate 

Esthetician's Top Pick 


The bio-ultimate platinum system is touted as the single most powerful tool available to the skin therapist. Low level current mirrors the bodies own natural current, re-educating targeted muscles of the face. Lifting facial muscles and reversing effects of gravity. Skin naturally follows the muscle, resulting in a revitalized, more youthful look.  

Such as... Lifted Brows, Wide Open Eyes, Flatter Nasolabial Folds and Defined Lips and Jaw. ( Positive results on all. Level of results is individual. ) Most feel they gain at least a five year more youthful appearance.

( Initial  Series of 6-10  Age-related treatments ; 2 times per week with monthly maintenance.) 


The Micro-current Ultimate includes the following :

LED Light Therapy and two Add-on Enhancements

Also receive 10% off skin care take home products purchased that day.                  

  ..... Monthly Maintenance is very affordable.

The Ultimate Night Out

Red Carpet Ready!

Micro-Current Turbo Lift 

LED Light Therapy

Acid Peel

Collagen Mask

24 Karat  Nano Gold Serum penetration

one additional add-on enhancement

Brow/Lip waxing

Decollete, shoulder and arm exfoliation 

*recommended within 24-48 hours of your event*

One Fabulous Session    

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